Proud to be a Filipino

Proudly Pinoy!

This 2010 election, many of our people endure the heat of summer queuing for hours just to make their votes count, to have their voices heard, little and insignificant as they may be individually but powerful collectively. Electing Noynoy for president showed that our people put more value to a promise of moral and just society over the promises of economic prosperity by the other candidates. We know that economic prosperity cannot happen in a corrupt, immoral, and self-serving government leadership. We know that the food it will put on our plates while it may not corrupt our bodies, it will corrupt our society and our dignity as people and widen the chasm between the rich and the poor. May the choice we made be a challenge to the new leadership. May it be an inspiration to them and to our people. May we continue to put aside self-interests for the common good.


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