The Blind Side

I like the film “The Blind Side” even if I don’t understand American football. It’s light and heart-warming, perfect for weekend evening viewing. I find the story inspiring because there’s a lot of positive values weaved around it – love, faith, trust, kindness, generosity, gentleness, respect, perseverance, etc.  Yes, it’s weaved around the story and not screaming at your face. You don’t know what would be making you smile and feel good for the next few days. That’s what I love about it. Of course, the film would have been more powerful if the story also built the character of the Tuohy family, especially that of the character of Leigh Anne Tuohy played by Sandra Bullock – what made them extraordinary people.  In fact, that’s the unbelievable part in the story and not Mike Oher’s athletic ability. But then, that’s why Sandra B’s there. Her superb performance made the otherwise fairy tale story and potentially boring story-telling really real and believable.

If not for the american football and the actors and actresses, I would never think the film was made in America. The director was not tempted to capitalize on football scenes. Not a thing was sensationalized. He made it ordinary enough like it could happen to any Mike Oher and that there’s a lot of Touhy’s in the neighborhood.

We all have a blind side whether or not we are Tuohy or Oher. That’s why God made sure we have a family. That’s why God sends us people to be friends with. They protect our blind side. We protect theirs.

Enjoy the film.


2 thoughts on “The Blind Side

  1. Yes I agree with you Lines, it is very light but very heartwarming indeed. I love the character of Lian — how i wish i can be that to many people.

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