When you become the beloved

The love story between Yahweh and the Jewish people were almost all in the context of the Jewish people on the move. “God never wanted us to stay in one place; otherwise He would have created us to grow roots” says a travel guide to Jerusalem.

We are pilgrims here on earth; don’t fall in love with the place. That’s what the church teaches or at least something like it. God indeed must have created us to be always in motion; never to stay where we are; never to stay the way we are. While we are still on this earth, we are not supposed to “arrive”. We are not supposed to get stuck at our misery or the joy of being called to a vocation.

I think God calling us to this life is like the experience of some of the believers called by Jesus to become His disciple. Like the believers we responded with great enthusiasm, with great pride at being chosen and for being invited to come and learn more from Jesus. This is a call to FAITH. But this is just the first stage of our relationship with God.

Some of the disciples became Jesus’ friend, savoring everything that Jesus reveals to them about the love of the Father. I thought what joy could be greater than to be Jesus’s friend. This is an invitation to intimacy with God. But this is not the end of our journey. We wish of course this is it.

Our life of prayer’s ultimate aim is to transform our relationship with Jesus from FRIENDSHIP to LOVE to SERVICE. The fruit of prayer should not just be the love that is of “love till it hurts” type but the love that is of “not just the fruit but the tree as well” type, the type that offers oneself to God totally, no more, no less, in total trust.


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