My Hibiscus

I am not a flower person. I don’t think I would even notice if have seen a flower or not for ages! For some reason the sight of flowers in flowers shop makes me sad and I rather see a flower wither than cut it from the plant to put in a vase.

A couple of years ago a flower caught my interest. No, not roses, not gardenias, not those ‘designer’ flowers. I went to so much trouble of planting them, check them for aphids every morning, and seeing to it that they flower, something I don’t do. Why hibiscus? Maybe I like them because I know no one would cut their flowers and put them for display. They have to take the whole plant. The hibiscus flowers may also last for only a day but they sure would show you the best they can be. They worry not if they wither and fall before the next sunshine. What is important is that they have given joy to hearts willing to skip a beat to see the beauty of a fleeting moment.

They are all a-blooming in my garden now even if I don’t give them much attention as I used to. The cares of the world are taking so much of time again.

There are many hibiscus I see around but it’s only my hibiscus that could make me long to be in my default mode. They make me remember there is a place in my heart I call home, that like the hibiscus I am gifted a moment each day not to worry for the next sunshine and simply be the best I can be. What is your hibiscus?


One thought on “My Hibiscus

  1. ih ave fallen in love with this flower, too! and it really makes me stop for a while and take its picture. i love the colors! sooooooo amazing! yeah, it makes me feel good and thank God for the beauty of His creation. He makes me more hopeful and more joyful, despite bitter moments…..

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