Making new year’s resolutions


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Making New Year’s resolution can be a stressful activity. It’s stressful because we know that we have to make sacrifices long before the season of Lent. Judging from our track record in implementing new year’s resolution, most of us know that making one is an exercise in futility.

Making New Year’s resolution is also the time when it forces us to face the reality that we are still not happy with the present us. Psychology tells us that this is not a healthy attitude. We should accept and be happy with who we are. But St. Augustine also said that our heart will not find rest until it rests in God. And St. Paul constantly reminds us that we should continue to become until Christ is formed in us. Blessed James Alberione even coined the word “Christification” to describe this becoming. So you can imagine how stressful making New Year’s resolution is with this end in mind.

I was busy trying to figure out a problem when God distributed EQ. It was late when I learned that this is what matter most to 99% of people; relationship being more basic than food, to survive. I don’t know the percentage of people who finds God through relating with others but I certainly not one of them. I belong to the group where things always work the other way around. So I thought why don’t I make a resolution that I know I have been gifted with than on what I wasn’t given yet (surely God will do another round of distribution)?  Because it had always been easier and natural for me to understand people, a good upgrade for me is to learn how let them know I understand instead of stressing them and myself trying to let them know or feel I care. But for this to work, I have to avoid the trap of expecting people to understand me in return. Statistics says that only 2% of the world population is an INTP like me and of that only .05 percent are women!


3 thoughts on “Making new year’s resolutions

  1. miss lines….what a beautiful article you have there….but i am curious….can you please tell me how many percentage there are of the INTJs? hahahahaaaa…you are indeed a rare specie!

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