Finishing well

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I attended too many masses for the dead these past months, not that I’m complaining. Each homily can be summed up in the phrase ‘Life has nothing to do with length of years’. You could not disagree with this especially if there’s a coffin right in front of you. And you wouldn’t dare disagree with this if you are more than half-way through with your life.

Bob Buford’s Finishing Well has been keeping me company this last couple of weeks. It is about as you can guess, the second half of life, something I’m still in little denial of. It challenges you to take a look at your present and ask yourself the question ‘is this really my life’s work?’ So I ask myself this question, does my present contributing to what I want to define myself? Will those who know me best give me the most respect because of it?

I’m already half-way through but what it is I want to give my all is not so clear to me. I got a feeling I don’t need to choose between my two loves. What I needed to do is to make a seamless weave of the two.

Sometimes I envy Michael Jackson. At least before he died he was able to identify  what it is he wants to give his all. “This is it!” Too bad, he didn’t finish it.

I pray I’ll finish the assignment given me, and finish it well.


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