To soul space

Last summer encounter we were invited to soul space. I didn’t know what soul space meant. I have never encountered that phrase before. Maybe it is the same as the more familiar phrase sacred space. A sacred space is a space where we commune with our God. For some it is their favorite nook in a church, for others in the perpetual adoration chapel, or a quiet place in the garden, or at McDonald’s as they eat pancakes, or in the bus or train as they travel to and from work. Still for others, it is the space within, regardless of where they are. Perhaps, soul space is the same as sacred space, after all. It is a space where the soul and His creator meet, where presence meets Presence. But in our prayer-workshop last summer encounter we were not invited to identify that soul space. Instead, we were invited to soul space!

To soul space, according to our retreat facilitator is to enhance our awareness of our faith life as a lay consecrated person. To soul space is to revisit the value and meaning of that life and the impact one such meaning leaves behind, before and beyond a world Jesus came to sanctify and save. Now, this is heavy. I think it requires not just one, two or three summer encounters but it requires all-seasons encounters. In fact, an everyday encounter, an everyday awareness, a mindfulness of the present moment.

Now, why am I suddenly giving a lecture on it? I’m not because I don’t even know if I understood it fully and correctly. What I know is that the summer encounter was not enough for me to grasp the whole meaning of it much more internalize it and make it a part of my system. So I thought, maybe I should write about it. Writing has a way of clarifying things. Besides I really love that part when we started to soul space, when we were asked to identify our gifts and from among those, find that one gift we are most thankful for – the gift where God will be most present to us, the gift we will offer to the world Jesus came to sanctify and save. I am writing so you and I will not forget. I am writing because summer is long gone yet I am still struggling with that one gift.

About the image:
I searched the web for an image and I found this picture. It’s title is soul space. It’s from a website of a furniture shop.Cute, isn’t it? Jesus is a very affectionate person.


2 thoughts on “To soul space

  1. very cute nga. and the picture does not only convey affection but also union. the dark brown table-chair becomes more visible when its legs crossed with the light brown soul space is difficult for one has to empty that space and wait for God to enter in and allow one to experience His Presence in that space reserve for Him and waiting is painful…

  2. when lovers (married or unmarried) quarrel and it seems like an endless misunderstanding, and there is chaos deep within, giving space to each other will be a very good move. when there is too much stress in work and study, one must give space for rest and relaxation. when one is down and out, feeling so low, it will be good to reminisce, to retreat, and it means giving space to oneself. whatever is the case, giving space means giving space to the soul = to activate the One who rules, to recognize the One who wills, to allow one's soul to be filled again with Divine thoughts and power. Soul space is God's space in the core of my being.

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