When I get to heaven

Sometimes I wonder what it’s like in heaven. I sometimes imagine it to be all white and with nonstop classical music following you wherever you go. As in, anywhere you go. You see clouds all over and under your feet so you walk like you’re on a trampoline. In heaven, you see none of the things you want God to remove in the face of the earth right now. In heaven, people all look very holy. They are all dressed in robes of white. In fact, the only time you see other colors, and they are pastel colors, will be when there’s someone to welcome from the other side and this rarely happens. Apart from this there are no other celebrations because people are already happy. Honestly, I sometimes think I might get bored there. So if it’s true that whatever it is that qualified you to get there that’s what you will be doing for eternity, then I hope I will qualify for writing and sharing myself in this blog. I know I’ll never get bored. I will have all the time to examine my thoughts and emotions. I will have all the time to try every style of writing. I will have all the classical literature books to bury my head in so sometimes I won’t hear the classical music.

In heaven, I will write about things that matter both in heaven and on earth. I will write about friendship. I will write about having dinner by the beach,  by far the most peaceful meal of my life. I will write about those I love dearly. And, I will write stories so that people will re-member and remember. Maybe I shouldn’t wait till I get to heaven to do all these. Maybe we shouldn’t wait to do the good things we can do now.


One thought on “When I get to heaven

  1. these days, I feel it is easier to post comments rather than post my journal. be patient Lines.. all of us want to go to heaven. If I buy your ads and promo, it’s a lot easier to go there by posting to this blog.. sana nga ganoon lang. but on the second thought… posting in our blog entails openness, acceptance, loving service and sacrifice of time and talents. May I add- commitment to our scattered but (hopefully) united community and trust and a grateful heart. I am truly grateful for all the posted journal, real sharing of heart and life. This way, we help each other grow.

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