When I call you friend

The poets, the painters, the songwriters, the singers and even the likes of Mr. Webster have all tried to capture the essence of friendship in their medium. They all seem to make sense. They all seem to capture it perfectly and beautifully but after awhile one realizes that none of these or even all of them put together are enough to describe what friendship means. Maybe that painting needs a few more colours. Or, the poem needs a few more lines, the song needs a few more notes, and Mr. Webster still had to search for a few more words to completely define what friendship is. I’m sure even Ai-ai and Sharon’s latest movie BFF would need more than a few more scenes and dialogues to capture the essence of friendship. I have always wondered about that ‘few more’. Without it, the equation is not quite. Without it, there is always that sense of reservation in calling someone a friend. What is it that would make me say with conviction ‘I call you friend’? The scripture, as always, supplied the answer.

I have called you friends, because I have told you everything I have heard from my Father (Jn 15:15).

When was the last time we had an intimate conversation with Jesus, our BFF? What was it that Jesus through the Holy Spirit shared so excitingly with us the last time? Have we told someone about it? Time to call a friend – the one who we share everything what the Holy spirit reveals to us about our Way, our Truth, and our Life.


3 thoughts on “When I call you friend

  1. wow lines pang 30day retreat ang mga tanong mo ah…ano yung BFF?in one of my recent conversations with HIM the thought that God’s heart is restless until we rest in Him struck me most…that His friendship waits for me… waits until i find my rest in HIM!

  2. do you realize that you just committed yourself to something by sharing that to me and to the readers? :-)BFF? he, he, he. ala ka talaga sa ‘Pinas. That’s Best Friends Forever, the movie.

  3. ibig mong sabihin wala na rin ako sa Pinas… di ko rin alam ano iyong BFF.Sharing is very essence of friendship. The deeper the sharing, the deeper is the friendship. When life itself is shared, then its forever. That’s why no one beats Jesus as a friend for he shares not just ordinary life but life eternal.

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