Some people wish to be more prayerful. Some people wish to be more humble. Some people want to be more grateful. Some people want to love as Jesus loves. Me? I wish to be able to ask the right questions. Yes, I also think this is kind of weird and I have been asking myself why? Last weekend while browsing the book The Power of Purpose: Creating meaning in your life and work by Richard J. Leider I learned that it was not that weird and strange after all. The author says: “Nothing shapes our lives as much as the question we ask-or refuse to ask-throughout our lives”. Indeed. And I love this question from the author: What is your busyness all about?

Here’s a question that I love asking myself: If Jesus is my lunch date today, what would we talk about?


2 thoughts on “questions

  1. if Jesus is my lunch date, what would we talk about?Wow!for sure i will not able to eat! i will ask only two questions: first, “am i doing what i’m supposed to do here on earth?”, and “why do we have to die?”…after this, i will just listen to all He wants to say to me and then enjoy my dessert! btw, i will also ask Him to walk on the beach….

  2. if Jesus is my lunch date, what would we talk about?I will cry and cry and cry and cry. If he will not leave me, i will not stop crying. So He will leave so I will stop crying. He loves me that much as to be concerned about my eyes and my heart. Sorry ha . late comments na ito. kasi its only now that I was able to browse some of the sharings. I am just resting from my usual office work.. thanks for the brake

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